Tuesday, 23 August 2016

And we're through!

In life, the magnet required regular offerings of nitrogen and helium.  In death she requires sacrifice in other forms, including cutting blades and drill bits.  
She will not go gentle into that good night, it seems.

Grinder: 1  Magnet: 0

However where there's a will (and a strong, careful pair of hands) there's a way.  The cut-out section from the top of the liquid nitrogen tank (pictured right) is aluminium so it is actually surprisingly light, but it's extremely tough when you try to cut through it!


With the upper cap now out of the way, we can see the liquid helium stacks and the bore tube. 



The inner void that's also visible (see right) would have been under high vacuum before the magnet was decomissioned.

Up next: the 20K radiation shield!

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